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The IMG Foundation

Welcome to The Brougher Foundation

Assisting Organizations Focused on Children, Health Care, & Education

Each day charitable organizations throughout Indiana and throughout the world perform a service that benefits a fellow human being. A child is protected from abuse, a new drug is created to help combat disease, or a needy student is given the opportunity to attend college. While the services these organizations provide may be diverse, they all share a common need - the need for support. In order to fulfill their missions, they need the funds to operate. To help meet this need, a new foundation has been created - The Brougher Foundation.

Established by the founder of International Medical Group® (IMG®) in Indianapolis, Indiana, The Brougher Foundation (formerly known as The IMG Foundation) raises and distributes funds to organizations that assist Indiana residents and organizations that provide services to the international community.

Since its inception in 2003, The Brougher Foundation has been fulfilling its mission by making donations in excess of $250,000 to select causes focused upon children, health, and education.

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